Tuesday, August 28, 2012

More of God Less of Me #1

To move forward, you often have to let go of something significant.

Too often, the things that we hold tightly to keep us from following God’s promptings toward something new.

So let's talk about things leaders need to let go. We’ll start with control.

Too many leaders try to control too much. Our perceived need to control is one of the greatest limiting factors to what God wants to do.

When we control everything:

  • We train people to do what they are told rather than equiping people to follow what they know.
  • We build followers instead of leaders.
  • We put a lid on our ministries, growth and potential.
  • We subtly begin to put our faith in our abilities to manage rather than in God and the people He has placed around and over us.

What are you controlling that you need to let go of?

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