Thursday, November 3, 2011

Building Update - Nov 3

Here's the latest...
Our permit packet is moving through the city and we should receive our first review letter some time next week. This review will indicate any area's, if any, that we need to change, alter, address or answer. The review will cover area's like planning codes, fire safety, occupancy, restrooms, parking etc. This review will give us a good indication of where we are in the process

In addition to our Permit packet we also have been scheduled for our one mandatory community meeting. The Scripps Ranch/ Miramar community board meets on the first Thursday of each month. So, we have been added to the agenda for the Thursday December 1 meeting. Attached is a picture of the letter that was mailed out to all the surrounding businesses.

After we complete the review process and have our one mandatory community meeting all the information will be sent to the city council and presented and discussed at a public meeting. Then our permit will either be approved or denied.

Keep praying church. Every step gets us one step closer to our goal of having a place to call home.

God bless

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  1. That's awesome. Looking forward to having a meet the neighbors social with the other tenants in our complex.