Thursday, October 6, 2011

Building update October 6

We'll after 3 weeks and a few unforeseen hurdles we turned in our packet to the city of San diego to obtain a Conditional Use Permit for 9899 Hibert St Suite C,D.

From here, now we wait...

First we wait for each of the city departments to sign off on our permit. Second we wait to schedule a meeting with the businesses and community members around the building where we plan to hold services. Third we wait for the city council to grant us the final approval on our permit.

How long will we have to wait? A perfect scenario would be this; we are able to schedule the meeting with the businesses and community members either the last part of October or the first part of November. And then have our permit sent to the city council sometime in mid December. This would allow us to have the permit and begin construction in late December or early January. Of course this is a best case scenario. But with Gods help I believe it can happen.

Continue to pray church that God will quickly help us to obtain the permission to begin holding services in our own location.

I attached the picture of the receipt that occumpanied our CUP packet. look at how much money this permit cost. And to think we pay all that and still have no gaureentee it will pass.

If God lays it upon your heart we will be attempting to raise money for some of the building upgrades (sound system, Video system, stages, Children's and youth area improvements) if we are unable to raise additional funds, that's ok, we have enough equipment and money to transform the space and begin having services after we obtain the CUP. But, it would be nice to upgrade some of the stuff. Thanks church for always being faithful with your time, talent and money. the quality of a church is never determined by the beauty or awesomeness of the buildings or programs it's always seen in the faithfulness and unity of the people. May God always continue to bless us in that area first.

God bless

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