Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Conditional Use Permit Process

So this week begins the process of obtaining a "Conditional Use Permit" from the city of San Diego. This process is one that every religious organization that plans to hold events where groups of people assemble must apply for. It takes between 4-6 months and will cost in the neighborhood of $8,000.

To help us expedite the process of obtaining the CUP as fast as possible we are going to hire a permit company (Permit Solutions) to assist us. This assistance will cost $1,000-1,500
But, their help should save us time. We are also hiring an architect to assist us in coming up with a good layout and to provide the drawings necessary for the CUP.

As I stated on Sunday I hope to obtain the CUP before the end of the year so we can begin the process of remodeling the buildings to meet our needs.

Starting next week we will begin the process of moving all of our stuff over to the new facility. We will totally vacate the Stowe Dr location at the end of this month. If you have time next week and would like to help, let me know.

Thanks Family Life for your prayers and patience. I have sensed that God wanted us to find a more permanent location for some time now. I can not say I thought it would be this difficult, but I knew its what God was pushing me to stay focussed on and I know that God is faithful. So with confidence and faith we have journeyed through the ups and downs and now find ourselves one CUP away from that pursuit becoming a reality. PRAISE GOD!

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