Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Church update

Sorry I haven't updated our building search in awhile. I've been waiting for that one great opportunity to come through. Anyways, here is the latest...

We looked at a building in RB that was in a good location but would require a lot of tenant Improvements. When we asked if the owners would be willing to contribute to this expense they declined. As we have learned from all our previous construction estimates, tenant improvements can be expensive. So we have backed away from opportunity.

We looked a building in Sabre Springs but the owner had a bad experience with a previous church and did not want to consider allowing another church.

Barry Slotten, our church broker is continuing to look for a building suitable to meeting our needs.

In our search to find a better school or facility to hold our Sunday services we have one great opportunity that we are pursuing. Pomerado Elementary is a nice location but parking can be an issue when to many activities are happening at the same time. We have submitted an offer to lease, on the weekends, what used to be Maranatha Chapel in PQ. It is located right off the 56 and Black Mountain Rd. We hope to hear back from them this week. This location would allow us to leave stuff set up for some of the time and store all of our equipment on the premises. In addition we would have use of the facilities all day on Sunday.

I would ask all of you to continue praying that Gods will would be done in all that we are trying to do.

Until my next update - God bless

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